Rates & Fees


What will it cost us to have MagicBob and/or SuZie present a program* for us?

$350 minimum, plus mileage

... based on audience size of up to 100

... $500 maximum regardless of audience size

... Note: All rates are quoted in US dollars.

... Note also the 2-PART ESCAPE CLAUSE below.


* A “program” is typically 45-60 minutes in length and includes both MagicBob and SuZie presenting Illusion and Chalk Art.

(Or, you may arrange for MagicBob OR SuZie, if this is a better fit for you.)



Travel Expenses:


Please allow 50¢ per mile round trip from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Internal Revenue Service standard mileage rate is currently set at 58¢ per mile.


PART 1: 

For Christian ministries: If the above presents your organization with a financial hardship, then the fee will be whatever your budget will allow. MagicBob & SuZie consider this to be a personal ministry and we will work with you. Organizations that are able to afford the full fee facilitate the ministry needs of others, less advantaged; prison ministry and our international mission trips, for example. 

PART 2: 

If you are ever dissatisfied, for any reason, then the total fee is $0.00. Your concern must be brought to MagicBob's attention within 24 hours of the presentation.

MagicBob & SuZie have performed more than two thousand shows since this offer was initiated and no one has ever asked us to tear up their check!