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Delivering about 150 programs annually, over 80% are "return" appearances, or were precipitated by the recommendations of prior audience members.

A partial list of congregations served includes:

AME, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Bible, Brethren, Catholic, CMA, Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, Christian Reformed, Church of God, Lutheran, United Methodist, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Reformed, Episcopal, SDA, Wesleyan, Bible, Salvation Army, United Church of Christ, … plus frequent performances as volunteers within the Michigan state prison system.



MagicBob has received many  awards for  BEST  STAGE MAGIC and for BEST CLOSE UP, and for WORKSHOP from the International Brotherhood of Magicians  

Ring #211, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Past MAGIC FOR THE GOSPEL MAGICIAN columnist for THE NEW TOPS Magic Magazine, formerly published by  Abbott's Magic Manufacturing Company, Colon, Michigan. 

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Dear Dr. & Mrs. Zoerman,

We so much appreciate your willingness to be a part of this special day. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us and making the day a positive experience for all involved.

God's blessing, Mary Broene and the HCMS students and staff

"MagicBob and SuZie are simply the best- they entertain, amaze, amuse- and then INSPIRE. I know of no other performance in the country that is perfect for all age groups, settings and genders- the magic is flawlessly performed, the escapes are incredible, and the huge chalk art pieces are beautifully created at breakneck speed to soaring music. But then in a wonderful humble way, and upon request, MagicBob and SuZie link these unique talents into a powerful and meaningful Gospel presentation by first "earning the right to be heard" and then sharing the Good News from their own personal experience. Important too is their interaction and emotionally including their audiences in all their presentations- everyone watching feels they are part of the experience- including right up to the end when the cell phone cameras in the audience are busy taking photos of SuZie's latest created art piece. This is an A++++ Five Star unique one of a kind program an audience will always remember and is perfect for churches, banquets, patriotic celebrations, holiday, fundraising and annual events of all sorts. I cannot rate MagicBob and SuZie highly enough."

Roger Bus - Kalamazoo


I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work at our school auction! I heard so many comments from people that they loved you! ... It was a successful auction. I believe we doubled our funds from last year! Praise God! 

Again, THANKS!! May God bless you in your magic! You are a true blessing to St Mark Lutheran! 

Pam Stevenson - St Mark Lutheran School

MagicBob & SuZie,

What a wonderful presentation of God's Plan of Salvation yesterday. If someone did not get Jesus yesterday, I do not know why. You were both delightful and the experience was wonderful. Your presentations were beautiful and creative. God has surely blessed you both.

L.V.P.  - (Calvary Reformed Church)

On a more personal note; Bob, I want to thank you for spending time with ...[7 year old boy]. He is a special-needs child. Only our good and gracious Lord knows how much was accomplished in those moments - as you shared the love of Jesus.

W.K., Pastor - Romulus, Michigan

Just wanted to thank you again for a great evening. Everyone loved your (Saturday evening) show and there was lots of talk about it on Sunday morning! 

What a great ministry you two have! 

I know there will be many people praying for you on your (mission) trip to India. Write us when you return and tell us about it. 

Thanks again, T.B  - (Church of God)

Thank you for the wonderful entertainment at our Blue & Gold banquet. 

You were great and the kids had a blast.

Denise N. (Rockford, Michigan)

Dear MagicBob and Suzie,

On behalf of the children, youth, and adults of Second Reformed Church, I want to thank you for your ministry among us! The mediums of illusion and chalk art are a beautiful way to bring the message of Christ. You are certainly gifted, and use your talent well for the Kingdom of Christ. Our gratitude and appreciation to you. We pray God's richest blessings upon your ministry.

Pastor Lary Jackson - Second Reformed Church - Grand Haven, Michigan

Dear MagicBob and Suzie,

Thank you so much for your visit to our church. We had such a wonderful time with you and all your resources for Bible teaching. You truly have a gift from God to get and keep the attention of little ones. I must say, even the 'big' ones. ... Your show was a great treat for us all. We loved it and would definitely recommend it to all ages.

The Pathway Kids of Courtland Oakfield United Methodist Church

Dear MagicBob and Suzie,

I wanted to touch base with you and again tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation. It was far above and beyond what I had hoped. Your message of the gospel was so wonderfully woven into everything you did! You had the attention of the adults and did a marvelous job with the younger kids who can get a bit restless. If you are ever in need of a reference please feel free to have them contact me.

Blessings, Michal Ann Enders - Leighton United Methodist Church

When we received a phone inquiry about the possibility of our coming to a specific church, the individual asked for references. We provided six of them. Later, that same day, we found the following delightful message (in part) on our answering machine; 

Dear MagicBob,

I called several references and did not expect the glowing reports I got! You've obviously been a blessing to a number of churches; so we want you.

Following the subsequently scheduled performance, we received this encouraging email:

"My sincere thanks to you both for your flexibility (that sure was important!), servant spirit and great job.... May God bless the seeds you have sown! I would be happy to be added to your list of glowing references."

"…your program was continually a big hit. The two of you are so gifted and it’s so very evident how much you both love the Lord. I know that every child that saw your program came away with some of the enthusiasm that the two of you have.”

Letter from P.D. Warfel - SALVATION ARMY, Divisional Headquarters

"Bob Zoerman performed . . . the finest gospel magic this writer has ever seen."


Published monthly by the International Brotherhood of Magicians

"Your presentation of gospel magic is the best I've seen."

Sonny Tgiros "Constantine the Magician",

Past President, IBM Ring #211