Big Time Root Beer

This is one of my mostest favoritest routines and audiences seem to absolutely love it.

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Three Ball Illustration

Andre Kole's Three Ball Illustration

paired with SuZie's beautiful chalk art.

SuZie's Testimony

This is one of SuZie's signature pictures where she shares her testimony. She has often used this picture in India where it was often too dangerous to openly share the gospel, but it was okay to share a personal testimony.

Pressed Penny

A United States one cent coin pressed with the Ten Commandments can serve as an intriguing prop. Using an elementary coin switch a long with some interesting facts about the penny, the result can not only entertain, it can be educational. But, of greater importance, it has the potential for eternal significance when used as a bridge to sharing the gospel.

Chinese Souvenir Coins

A little slight of hand with an unusual coin wiht unusual properties.

This routine is frequently used in my magic shows as a disclaimer. I have no supernatural powers. Everything is based I things I learned in school; in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Theater Arts, etc.